Bronze's Personal Gentoo Overlay
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bronze 36de687afd lol 5 months ago
dev-games/openscenegraph-qt 2021-10-01.3 2 years ago
dev-python/cryptography lol 5 months ago
media-gfx/realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan adding media-gfx/realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan and cryptography/cryptography-3.4.7-r3 5 months ago
media-sound/qpwgraph fix media-sound/qpwgraph-9999 keywords pt2 7 months ago
metadata first commit 2 years ago
profiles Update 'profiles/repo_name' 2 years ago
sys-apps/opentmpfiles first commit 2 years ago
virtual/tmpfiles modified virtual/tmpfiles 8 months ago added media-sound/qpwgraph 7 months ago
overlay.xml first commit 2 years ago

Bronze's Personal Gentoo Overlay

Misc package repo for myself and anyone else to use.

To add this overlay:

layman -o -f -a bronze-overlay


  • added media-sound/qpwgraph


  • added dev-games/openscenegraph-qt-9999 for personal development / testing